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So Much Regret

2016-07-03 16:50:52 by koachief30

Yeah, the attached emoticon was literally my reaction when I came back on Newgrounds after a two/three year absence and saw the utter trash that I considered quality blog posts. I just want to sincerely apologize for everything I did in the past, even if none of you remember it. It was an absolutely horrible period time, probably up there with the Civil War (kidding. Kind of.) 

So anyway, I'm back. Not that it matters. I'll just probably update my blog on occasion. Maybe write some things. I consider myself a decent writer. But whatever. Not sure who all is going to actually read this. But I figured I'd type it up. Just for fun. 

Because this is what qualifies as fun. I guess. 

EDIT: If I had the money to become a supporter and change my username, I would do so in a hearbeat...

Valentines day!

2012-02-12 17:42:18 by koachief30

Yep its that time of the year again! The time where 70 percent of us sit here blogging and watching porn while the other 30 percent have actual sex. Sigh

Epic mistake

2011-09-16 18:30:31 by koachief30

Ok, a guy i know was going to a really important meeting for something, and he asked me a bunch of stuff. Then he asked what he should say if he needed to pee. I looked it up and found out it was micturate. I told him that and then he went to the meeting. Turns out he actually did need to go at one point and said " Excuse me I have to go masturbrate."


2011-08-01 16:59:36 by koachief30

Are awesome


2011-07-17 16:30:35 by koachief30

Ok, so i was at my uncles house and his little son walked up and said, " Shit cousin, shit!" ; )

Hey guys, good news!!

2010-10-07 21:23:07 by koachief30

I'm back! You can celebrate later, but for now, who missed me? I'm back and here 2 stay so the KK is still doomed! Anyway, New2thisgame is the KK still down?

I'm back!!

2010-06-30 16:03:45 by koachief30

Hello party people! I'm back from my break so Hikari12 is releived of duty( did I spell that right?) Anyway, let's all try 2 blam KK the game! And clock ninja can't get me now! Ha! Oh, and here's yet another picture.=)

I'm back!!


2010-06-22 11:16:36 by koachief30

Ok. How about, instead of Tom Fulp, we get egoraptor 2 back us up. Then, if egoraptor joins, maybe we would have enough influence to get him to ban the KK. How about that? If you agree, here's a picture.


Attention all KKR members!

2010-06-17 19:47:09 by koachief30

I have an idea on how 2 get rid of the KK. If enough of u send Tom Fulp PMs, he might get that the KK r serious, and he'll ban them for good!! Don't pass this oportunity up!! Send Tom ur PM's and we'll get rid of them once and for all!!!

Kitty Krew Resistance

2010-06-13 20:53:30 by koachief30

Attention everyone who is not a KK member!!! This is very important!!! I'm gathering people 2 help fight the KK !!! If no one joins, the site will crash cuz of all those cruddy submissions!! So join!!! Oh, and check out this pic.

Kitty Krew Resistance