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Entry #12

So Much Regret

2016-07-03 16:50:52 by koachief30

Yeah, the attached emoticon was literally my reaction when I came back on Newgrounds after a two/three year absence and saw the utter trash that I considered quality blog posts. I just want to sincerely apologize for everything I did in the past, even if none of you remember it. It was an absolutely horrible period time, probably up there with the Civil War (kidding. Kind of.) 

So anyway, I'm back. Not that it matters. I'll just probably update my blog on occasion. Maybe write some things. I consider myself a decent writer. But whatever. Not sure who all is going to actually read this. But I figured I'd type it up. Just for fun. 

Because this is what qualifies as fun. I guess. 

EDIT: If I had the money to become a supporter and change my username, I would do so in a hearbeat...


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